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Meet the Team

We are two content creators based out of the Greater Toronto Area, specializing in high end video production and editing. With our experience in different production settings and producing award-winning content, we are ready to take on your creative visual needs.

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Hailey Sonntag

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Michael Oliphant

Hailey’s continued growing interest in all aspects of video production is shown throughout the projects she works on. She is a recent graduate from Mohawk College’s Television Broadcasting and Communications Media course. Hailey was fortunate to work with ESPN in 2019 for the NBA Finals in Toronto, Canada's Drag Race, Big Brother Canada, Ted X Talks, OHL Hockey and more! Hailey enjoys spending her free time in the outdoors and she even camps in the winter! She is very passionate about her work and will help you create the story that you want to tell.

Michael’s passion in all areas of television has lead him to a successful background in video production and editing. Also a graduate from Mohawk College’s Television program, Michael is proficient in camera operation and editing with experience filming and editing wide varieties of projects. Michael enjoys working in live sports and had the opportunity to work with ESPN in 2019 for the NBA Finals in Toronto. Some of the other things Michael has done include, Toronto FC and CPL soccer games, OHL Hockey, and more!  He will insure the quality of work meets your standards.

Why Do We Call Ourselves Run Wild Media?


Sometimes we think to ourselves - "how did we come up with the name?" and honestly, we don't really know. One day we were brainstorming and trying to come up with a good name, but knew that whatever name we decide on would be one that feels right the first time we say it.

The day that Hailey first said the name also happened to be the day that we made our first big purchase on a camera (how fitting, right?).

For some reason the word "Wild" just keeps popping up in our lives, whether it be from our adventurous camping trips in Northern Ontario, or just living everyday life. One of our biggest projects to date is a environmental film that took place in Temagami, Ontario (way up in Northern Ontario) and the same thing happened when it came to naming that film. The word "Wild" popped up again and we ended up naming it "Wild Temgami" which we decided was the perfect name. (Go check out "Wild Temagami" by clicking right HERE.)

Here's another kicker. The name of Hailey's outdoor visual blog that she runs year round posting photo's and videos of her adventures is called "Wild Canoes" (click HERE to check out our YouTube channel!). She came up with that name when in Grade 11 when she started the blog and "it just felt right".

The word "Wild" just seems to keep following us around. Hailey thought of the name by thinking about what her mind does whenever she thinks of different ideas and concepts for her photo and video work and that's when it hit her. Every single time she goes to work and starts thinks of idea's she is letting her mind "Run Wild".

The outdoors play a large role in our lives and the tree was drawn by one of our close friends (click HERE to visit her website) who happens to be an amazing artist. The tree signifies a lot of things to us and the biggest one is their circle of life. The process of an idea blossoming, and then growing into something much bigger which reminds us of how a tree starts as a sapling in the ground and grows to be big and strong and provide you with life. And in our case the life of the tree is the videos that we create for you.